Connecting Lives to Literature

Literature has the power to transport an audience to another time and place, to illustrate meaningful life lessons through complex characters, intricate themes and different points of view.  The question then arises, who owns literature and, most importantly…

…who has access to it?

Since 1972, People & Stories / Gente y Cuentos has believed enduring literature belongs to us ALL, including those who have had limited opportunity to read independently.

We offer literature reading and discussion programs in English or Spanish that invite participants to read, examine, and analyze enduring short stories resulting in:

Increased awareness, Empowered Voices & Continued interest in Literature.

Our programs reach individuals in diverse settings, including: residential treatment facilities, prisons, homeless shelters, adult education programs, libraries, and senior centers.


Youth Programs

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People & Stories / Gente y Cuentos is funded in part by: